Malin Akerman joins Nicolas Cage in Medallion

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Nicolas Cage is spiraling into the realm of B-movies and he is bringing Malin Akerman (WATCHMEN) with him. Akerman is currently in negotiations to join Cage in the upcoming thriller MEDALLION. We heard about this film back in December, you may remember it as it is re-teaming Cage with his CON AIR director Simon West.  The story follows Cage who is former thief who must get his daughter back who has been kidnapped and riding around in the trunk of a taxi waiting to be rescued by her dad. Akerman will play the ex-girlfriend of Cage who is also a master thief, and agrees to help him out. MEDALLION is set to start shooting next month in New Orleans.

Poor Nicolas Cage, after his most recent film DRIVE ANGRY 3D failed at the box office, I have a feeling the hole that he needs to dig himself out of is getting deeper and steeper.

Malin Akerman

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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