Marc Webb explains more on the involvement of Peter Parker's parents in The Amazing Spider-Man

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Many Spider-Man fans have been questioning the involvement of Peter Parker’s parents in Marc Webb’s THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. When Sam Raimi made his series, the parents were only mentioned, not seen. Even in the comics, Peter’s parents never made a big splash at any point. Peter’s parents served nearly the same purpose that Bruce Wayne’s did– a reminder of the tragedy and loss of family at a young age.

In some issues, Richard and Mary Parker worked with the C.I.A. but this is not the path that Webb is taking with them. The director notes that they are trying to do something of their own, but never really speaks about the issue beyond that. One of the biggest concerns with this series is trying to go deeper with the character of Peter and that includes the relationship with Oscorp. There were no other details given, just vague ideas of what might come about. All we know is that we will get closer to finding out what makes Peter tick.

I have no problem with a little backstory on Peter’s parents, or even just involving them in flashbacks. It’s part of Peter’s life and he thinks about them all the time like any kid who had lost his folks would. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds when it releases next year on July 3rd.

Marc Webb

Source: MTV

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