Marc Webb is officially directing the new Spider-Man movie

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Hot off the announcement that they’d be scrapping the planned SPIDER-MAN 4 with Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire, Sony today announced that Marc Webb will officially be directing their new Spider-man franchise.  Webb, whose only previous work of note at this point is the wonderful 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, will start shooting the film soon with eyes on a Summer 2012 release date.  The script will be written by James Vanderblt, who apparently has such a great script that it served as the catalyst for the new vision.

Naturally, if Marc Webb is involved, the first thought is that he might try to recruit Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play the web crawler.  I don’t see it happening since Sony has previously stated they wanted to start over and focus on Peter Parker’s high school days.  Aside from the obvious casting questions, the next big question is whether or not Marc Webb can handle such a project.  Some will point to the risks of choosing Sam Raimi in the first place or even directors like John Favreau and Christopher Nolan, who had never demonstrated they could handle  high-profile franchise.  The difference, in my opinion, is that those directors had experience and had made a variety of films.  I’m not saying Marc Webb can’t do it, I’m just saying he hasn’t shown me anything yet that leads me to believe he can do it.  Time will tell.

Source: Sony Pictures

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