Mario Van Peebles to direct Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) in Things Fall Apart

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson will play a star college running back that faces personal tragedy in the upcoming film THINGS FALL APART.  The film, to be directed by Mario Van Peebles, also stars Lynn Whitfield, Mike P and Steve Eastin.  They start shooting the film in Michigan in May.

50 Cent starring in and producing a film in which he plays a football player falls under the category of ‘yeah, that seems right’, but what is interesting about the story is that 50 Cent will be funding the entire project himself.  As they say, he will “write a check” for a film that otherwise couldn’t get funding.  You have to love the freedom that comes with being a successful rapper.  It doesn’t matter if the public doesn’t like your movies; if you have money and the time, you can make yourself a movie star.

50 Cent

Source: Variety

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