Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix are on a boat in a new photo from Low Life

Today we’re getting a new look at writer/director James Gray’s upcoming period drama LOW LIFE which stars Marion Cotillard (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES click on the link to read the review), Joaquin Phoenix (THE MASTER) and Jeremy Renner (THE BOURNE LEGACY). The photo shows Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix in drab and depressing attire as they board a boat that is heading to the United States. Due to the caliber of these actors, we can see the hope, uncertainty and slight fear on these characters faces. LOW LIFE doesn’t yet have a release date, but since it’s being produced by The Weinstein Company, you can bet that if it’s any good we’ll see it before an awards season, though probably not this year unless we’re really lucky.

LOW LIFE follows a Polish immigrant (Marion Cotillard) who travels to New York only to find that her sister is on her death bed. To help pay for the medical and living expenses, Cotillard sells herself for money but eventually falls in love with a magician (Jeremy Renner) who unfortunately is the cousin of the man pimping her out (played by Joaquin Phoenix). According to James Gray, the film will have some sort of tie in with the mafia, but to what extent we don’t yet know. In any case the film sounds pretty fascinating and with a cast like this it’ll definitely be one to watch for. (The New York Times)

Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix in Low Life

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