Marion Cotillard could play a witch in Arthur & Lancelot

Posted by: Zack Bruce

There are so many projects flying around in Hollywood currently that I’m having a problem keeping up. Since when was the story of ARTHUR & LANCELOT being made?

Director David Dobkin (WEDDING CRASHERS) will be directing the film for Warner Brothers. The film will be a a reinvention of the two characters with a more grounded approach to the story. Hmmm, I appreciate the “grounded approach” and all but the story is surrounded in mysticism. I mean, there’s a witch and a sorcerer involved here.

Marion Cotillard has been offered the role of Morgana, the sorceress half-sister to Arthur, also known as Morgan le Fay. There isn’t a ton of information on the film currently. Recently, Gary Oldman was offered the part of Merlin. No word yet on whether he has accepted or not. If he does, you can certainly count me in to see this one.

Marion Cotillard

Source: Vulture

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