Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Renner and Joaquin Phoenix set for Low Life

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

After pairing up on THE YARDS, WE OWN THE NIGHT and TWO LOVERS, director James Gray and actor Joaquin Phoenix are set to team up again for LOW LIFE.  And although all of their films have been dark, none even compare to the plot of LOW LIFE.  The film is about young Polish sisters that immigrate to America in search of the American dream.  But while on the boat, one of the sisters gets ill and the other sister is forced to trade sexual favors in return for medicine.  Once she arrives on Ellis Island, she meets up with a sleazebag that pimps her out.  But the sleazebag’s cousin sweeps her off her feet and provides her with the best chance to escape the “low life” she’s currently living.  Oh, and it seems this will be a period piece as well (although which period remains to be seen).

Marion Cotillard is set to play the Polish woman, while Jeremy Renner will be playing the cousin, who is also a magician.  Although the film sounds incredibly dark, the casting couldn’t be any better.  While James Gray hasn’t wowed me with any of his previous works, he has a good opportunity here to show what he can do.

Marion Cotillard


Source: Deadline

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