Mark Hamill discusses Star Wars 7 in a 1983 interview with Maria Shriver

Talk about a blast from the past! Sometime in the last week a video has surfaced from a 1983 interview between Mark Hamill and Maria Shriver about RETURN OF THE JEDI, which was about to be released in theaters, and STAR WARS 7.  This almost six minute interview is a bit tough to watch for us HD lovers out there, but it’s fascinating to hear Mark Hamill speculate (though to be honest there wasn’t a lot of that) about his return to the franchise in 2004 (which obviously didn’t happen). Mark Hamill talks a little bit about how the story would progress, but since George Lucas keeps everyone under a shroud of secrecy, there isn’t much revealed at all. Since I was roped into watching the STAR WARS trilogy again this past weekend, it was interesting to see an interview about a film (RETURN OF THE JEDI) that hadn’t been released yet. Whether you’re excited about the prospect of another STAR WARS trilogy or not, be prepared for a bunch of news both old and new that is bound to crop up over the next five years or so.

If you haven’t had a chance to yet, check out our thoughts on the upcoming STAR WARS trilogy by reading our top ten things Disney can do to return Star Wars to its former glory, and take a look at the interview below if you can stomach the static.

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