Mark Hamill looking to direct feature version of The Black Pearl

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

During the Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Festival, Mark Hamill participated in a discussion and let drop some interesting tidbits about an upcoming project he’s trying to get off the ground.  It’s still impossible to look at him and not see Luke Skywalker, but jumping behind the camera and directing might not be a bad move for him.  In so many words, he let it slip that he’s actively working on bringing his ‘The Black Pearl’ comic series to the big screen.  Right now, it looks like he’s secured less than $10 million to make the movie and has shunned more lucrative production offers so he can maintain creative control.

The comic is about a vigilante that gets made into a hero by the local media.  Although the story seems to have been done before, I think there are ways to make it original and fresh, especially if he makes it as violent as he wants to.

The Black Pearl

Source: The Wrap

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