Mark Ruffalo says no to The Avengers being shot in 3D

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Everywhere you turn some film project is getting the 3D treatment, whether it’s during filming or post conversion. Despite higher ticket prices, people are still going to see certain movies in 3D. Does it help or hurt a potential blockbuster? Post conversion hasn’t been too favorable for films like CLASH OF THE TITANS and ALICE AND WONDERLAND, but the idea of getting an extra dollar or two doesn’t bother the studios. Besides, if 3D bothers a potential filmgoer they can always opt to see the film in regular 2D.

One film that won’t be going the 3D route is THE AVENGERS. This was revealed in a tweet by actor Mark Ruffalo who started off by saying, “Hello. Things are going well here in Albuquerque. Hulk Motion Capture all day.” Then answers a question on whether the film will be in 3D or not, “Avengers is not being shot in 3D.” He also told a fan what it was like to do motion capture, “Motion Capture is pretty good except the suit makes you look like a walking chinese checker board.” It was nice to hear that Ruffalo was really devoted to getting the part right, “I know I got big shoes to fill with Banner. All I can say is I am giving it my all. I really want to score with this Banner.”

A few other funny tweets about THE AVENGERS shoot showed up on his account. Ruffalo is good about getting back to as many fans as he can, so if you have any questions hit up his Twitter account, @Mruff22.

mark ruffalo

Source: Twitter

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