Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin in the True Grit trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I know this is going to sound like sacrilege to some of you, but the Coen Brothers are not consistent.  They make a lot of bad film (BURN AFTER READING, LADYKILLERS, etc.), but when they make a get it right, they really, really get it right.  TRUE GRIT, despite being a remake, seems to be one of those films.  The trailer looks haunting and entertaining at the same time, plus with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon, it’s bound to be good.  My only concern is with the young Hailee Steinfeld, who could come off as annoying and bratty if the Coen Brothers aren’t careful with her.  But other than that, it looks like a good, old fashioned Western, which we don’t see many of anymore.

Along with Bridges, Damon and Steinfeld, the film also stars Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper.  The film hits everywhere this Christmas day, just in time for awards season.  Watch the trailer here.

Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon in True Grit

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