Matt Damon looking to star in and direct Father Daughter Time

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Matt Damon has been pretty public about his desire to follow in BFF Ben Affleck’s footsteps and step into the director’s chair.  The only question is which movie would he make his debut on.  I, for one, figured he’d try and tackle a political drama or something similar, but it looks like he’s going to go the crime drama route instead.  Curious, that’s also the genre Affleck went…hmmmm.  Anyway, Warner Brothers just bought the rites to FATHER DAUGHTER TIME: A TALE OF ARMED ROBBERY AND ESKIMO KISSES about a father that goes on the run with his young daughter after a multi-state crime spree.  It definitely sounds like a good way to get your feet wet as a director and the idea alone has a lot of potential.

The script was written by Matthew Aldrich, who was drawn to eager to work with Damon after the actor promised to hold true to his vision.  I’m sure that, and the promise of nearly $1 million was enough to convince him to go with WB.

Matt Damon

Source: Deadline

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