Matt Damon may join Sharlto Copely in Elysium

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Matt Damon is in the early stages of negotiations to star alongside Sharlto Copely in Neil Blomkamp’s upcoming sci-fi film ELYSIUM. ELYSIUM will be a film set sometime in the future on another planet and the plot will involve action and sociopolitical issues much like Blomkamp’s other film DISTRICT 9. Last week we mentioned that Blomkamp was still shopping around the script, but apparently he hit a nerve with the right people because having Damon board as even a possibility makes the project that more intriguing. Still no word on when filming will begin.

Matt Damon is one of those actors who can easily and quickly bounce back from bad films (like Eastwood’s HEREAFTER) because he almost always has another good looking film on deck.  Such is the case with his next project, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, in which he will co-star with Emily Blunt.  This film looks both exciting and original which quite frankly we are just not seeing enough of these days.

Matt Damon

Source: Deadline

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