Matthew McConaughey and Emilie Hirsch show up together on this poster for Killer Joe

Posted by: Zack Bruce

There’s always a movie or two that seems to fly under my radar. This is the case with KILLER JOE starring Matthew McConaughey and Emilie Hirsch. If it wasn’t for the debut of this poster for the film, it probably would have come out without me even realizing.

The film is about 22-year-old drug dealer Chris (Hirsch) who has to come up with six thousand dollars quick or he’s dead after his Mother steals his stash. Out of desperation, he turns to “Killer Joe” (McConaughey) when he finds out that his mother’s life insurance policy is worth $50,000. Although Joe usually demands cash up front, he finds himself willing to bend the rules in exchange for Chris’ attractive younger sister, Dottie (Juno Temple), who will serve as sexual collateral until the money comes in…if it ever does.

Wow. This makes Hirsch’s character sound nearly as bad as McConaughey’s. I don’t have a sister but if I did I would never sell her out like that. The film was directed by¬†William Friedkin (THE EXORCIST).

Killer Joe poster

Source: Coming Soon

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