Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Phillippe in The Lincoln Lawyer trailer

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Justice has gotten a lot cooler as lawyers are now representing their degenerate clients from the back of their cars, so is the premise of THE LINCOLN LAWYER. Matthew McConaughey plays Mickey Haller, a lawyer who has just taken on a high-profile case in Beverly Hills representing a guy who is not quite telling the truth. The drama is set to hit theaters on March 18, 2011 and also stars: Marisa Tomei, John Leguizamo, William H. Macy and Michael Pena.

Some of you might remember a little 1996 film entitled A TIME TO KILL  where this hot shot new actor came onto the scene with an outstanding performance.  That guy was Matthew McConaughey and quite frankly his career went a little downhill from there (although I’m a fan of his romantic comedies).  Looks like he is trying to recapture his former glory by going back to playing the idealistic lawyer who will stop at nothing for justice.  I wish him well, but I wouldn’t mind if he went ahead and took off his shirt, for old times sake and all. Watch the trailer here.

The Lincoln Lawyer Trailer

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