Matthew McConaughey to form The Free State of Jones

With a hit TV show, an Oscar and a much-parodied TV commercial under his belt the last couple of years, the world now belongs to Matthew McConaughey. And when you own the world, you can make whatever movies you want and apparently, he wants to make a Civil War movie. He’s teaming up with director Gary Ross (THE HUNGER GAMES) for the true story of Newton Knight for a movie they’re calling THE FREE STATE OF JONES. For those of you that aren’t history buffs, Newton Knight was a farmer during the Civil War who led the Knight Company, which was a band of Confederate Army deserters that turned against the Confederacy. Although never proven, he supposedly tried to start his own state, called the Free State of Jones.

But if you’re still reading, you probably want more, so let’s dive into the controversy around Newton Knight. For starters, historians don’t agree on why exactly he did the things he did. Some say he took a moral high ground while others say he was just an outlaw. But what we do know is that he married his former slave, which was obviously a controversial thing back in the late 1800’s. My guess is that the Gary Ross film will focus more on the controversy and less on the war aspect of Knight’s life. Overall, it could be a juicy role for McConaughey and maybe get him another Oscar nomination if it’s done properly. (Deadline, Wikipedia)

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