Matthew Vaughn confirmed to direct X-Men: First Class sequel, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy expected to return

Matthew Vaughn and James McAvoy on the set of X-Men First Class

Even though X-MEN: FIRST CLASS didn’t make as much money as its predecessors, it did something much more valuable; restore fanboy faith in the franchise.  So it’s no surprise that Fox is moving full steam ahead on a sequel and an important step in the process was to convince Matthew Vaughn to return to direct, which he agreed to do recently (they also hired Simon Kinberg to write the script a while back).  Of course, we don’t have a start date yet and the bigger question is; how are they going to fit this in the incredibly busy schedules of all its main stars?

After numerous successes, Michael Fassbender has a busy slate, as does James McAvoy.  But the busiest person of the big three is Jennifer Lawrence, who has THE HUNGER GAMES and its sequels lined up over the next few years.  Other returning stars are up in the air, but I’m guessing Fox made everyone sign a sequel contract, so I wouldn’t expect much turnover.  If anything, the real question is whether or not Vaughn will bring in Wolverine and whether or not Hugh Jackman will be playing him (my guess is “yes” to both of those).

Source: Deadline

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

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