Meg Ryan to direct Into the Beautiful

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Meg Ryan is the latest actress to catch the directing bug and she will make her directorial debut with INTO THE BEAUTIFUL. The film is a dramadey about a reunion between friends and was written by Anne Meredith. Surprisingly, Ryan does not appear to be starring in the film herself but will begin casting for roles for a shooting that will take place in upstate New York.

I love Meg Ryan, she just seems like such a likable person that you could easily sit down and chat to. She’s one of those iconic actresses that have become timeless and whenever I hear she’s working on a project I get a little inside bubble of joy. I’ll be interested to see how well she does behind the camera, especially since she’s so proficient in front of it. Is there anyone else out there who would love to see just one more Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan pairing before they retire?

Meg Ryan

Source: Variety

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