Update: Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke’s Passion Play going straight to DVD

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Ouch.  The Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray film PASSION PLAY is going straight to DVD.  I think we should all pause to take in what this really means because Rourke is still a hot commodity in Hollywood, Fox is still regarded as insanely beautiful and Bill Murray (after more than 25 years in the business) is a crowd favorite, yet the film is so bad that it won’t get a theatrical release.  I would have thought that you could film those three in a room for 90 minutes and people would pay money to see it.  But the film was completely trashed at the Toronto Film Festival, prompting some critics to even walk out of the theater.  Keep in mind that most critics get paid to write reviews on movies they’ve seen, so that essentially means they were giving up money in order to not see PASSION PLAY.

The film is about a beautiful angel (Fox) that is somehow controlled by a ruthless gangster (Murray), but is saved by a down-on-his-luck musician (Rourke) and is directed by Mitch Glazer.  Yeah, that definitely sounds like a tough film to make.  I’ve spent a lot of time defending Megan Fox, but with news like this, even I don’t have anything to say.  PASSION PLAY hits theaters DVD on May 24th.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like we may have drawn some incorrect conclusions.  Image Entertainment sent me an email just now stating that the film will definitely hit theaters on May 6th.  So although the window is brief, it is in fact hitting your local cineplex.

Mickey Rourke and Megan Fox in Passion Play

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