Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in The Beaver trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Alright people, I know Mad Mel has done and said some things that are unacceptable and he’s generally made himself out to be a jerk.  But like I’ve said before, if America really knew what most of their favorite stars were like, they wouldn’t be stars.  Mel was just the one that was stupid enough to date a woman that recorded his craziness.  But when you put all that stuff aside, the fact remains that Mel Gibson is a fantastic actor with an incredible amount of range and screen presence.  That range can be demonstrated in the trailer for THE BEAVER, where Mel plays a depressed family man that finds comfort in a beaver hand puppet.

The film looks amazing on all accounts, but mainly because Mel looks like he knocks this performance out of the park.  The film also stars Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin.  Summit should be ashamed of their cowardice for not releasing this in time for the Oscars because even though Mel would get blacklisted out of the nominations, the film would at least have a chance. As it is, the Jodie Foster directed film opens everywhere next spring.  Watch the trailer here.

Mel Gibson in The Beaver

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