Mel Gibson and Mad Max coming to Blu-ray

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

MGM Home Entertainment has announced that the 1979 classic action film MAD MAX, starring Mel Gibson, will be released on Blu-ray October 5, 2010.   The release has been supped up and will include a remastered audio track, the original Australian track and even a track that has been dubbed for American audiences so the audience can understand the dialogue and accents present in the film.   And in case you missed the movie sometime in the last 30 years, the plot revolves around a cop (Gibson) seeking revenge for the murder of his family against a biker gang in Australia. The film will be available in a BD/DVD combo pack and has a list of special features that include:

Mad Max Blu-ray

  • “Road Rants”: Trivia & Fun Fact Track (on the DVD)
  • Filmmaker commentary by Jon Dowding, David Eggby, Chris Murray and Tim Ridge
  • Documentaries:
    • Mel Gibson: The Birth of a Star (on the DVD)
    • Mad Max: The Film Phenomenon
  • Photo gallery (on the DVD)
  • Theatrical trailers
  • TV spots

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