Michael Bay will move on to a smaller dark comedy, Pain & Gain

Posted by: Zack Bruce

The reviews for TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON seem to be pretty positive so far. Positive in the way that it’s another popcorn flick that isn’t insulting. The overall response is, “Well, it’s better than TF2.” Regardless, Michael Bay is enjoying his time and basking in his explosive glory.

With the Transformers franchise over for now, Bay has decided to move on to a different genre– dark comedy. No big action blockbuster? Not according to Bay who is calling his next, PAIN & GAIN, “a small little movie.” This film has been in the works for awhile now with Bay comparing it to something like PULP FICTION. The comedy is based on a New York Times story on bodybuilders that were a part of the criminal underworld.

“I’m going to do it next,” said Bay on the black comedy. The director also mentioned that it will only be in 2D and cost a mere $20 million.

Michael Bay

Source: MTV

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