Michael Cera looks like a hippy in new photos from Crystal Fairy

Aside from working on the next season of the awesome television show “Arrested Development“, Michael Cera has been delving into the independent film world and today we have some new photos from his upcoming movie CRYSTAL FAIRY. These photos below give us a new look at Michael Cera, a more hippy/grungy look where he has longish hair and looks to be in a drug-induced state. Here’s the official synopsis for CRYSTAL FAIRY: Jamie invites a stranger to join a road trip to Chile. The woman’s free and esoteric nature clashes with Jamie’s acidic, self-absorbed personality as they head into the desert for a Mescaline-fueled psychedelic trip. I’m assuming Jamie is played by Michael Cera, but that’s not confirmed at this time.

Directed by Sebastian Silva, CRYSTAL FAIRY starring Michael Cera will be coming out sometime next year, when we have a confirmed release date we’ll let you know. (Playlist)

Michael Cera in Crystal Fairy

Michael Cera in Crystal Fairy

Michael Cera in Crystal Fairy

Crystal Fairy

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