Michael Ealy will star in USA's Common Law which debuts on May 11th

 Micheal Ealy

As much as I love watching movies, sitting down to start a season of a new television show is sometimes just as exciting. It seems like all the networks are finally starting to give us worthwhile shows instead of just over saturating the waves with various reality drivel. In fact, some of the best shows on today are on networks like USA Network, FX and AMC and thankfully they are continuing to give us fun and smart television like USA’s upcoming show Common Law.

Common Law will premiere on USA May 11th (10/9c) and follows two of LAPD’s finest who are not only taking on the bad guys, but are also taking on each other. Michael Ealy (from THINK LIKE A MAN) and Warren Kole star as Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell, two cops that are trying to keep the streets safe but also have to learn to work with each others strong personalities to solve crimes and take out baddies. It may sound like another typical cop show, but I have a feeling this original USA Network series will be a little grittier and humorous than some of the buddy cop dramas of the past. Now I’ll have to tune in and see whether I’m #TeamWes or #TeamTravis.

Like I mentioned before, I love to sit down and watch television especially when such seasoned actors are involved. Michael Ealy is one such actor who has been around for a long time but you may not recognize him just yet. He’s had a reoccurring character in one of my other favorite shows, Californication, and has also had roles in THINK LIKE A MAN, UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, TAKERS and SEVEN POUNDS. I’m glad USA Network is giving him a shot at his own series and I hope Common Law will bring his skills to the attention of more audiences. So if you’re up for a good show like me, then mark your calendar for May 11th to check out what looks to be another fun and smart show on USA Network.

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