Michael Fassbender, Dominic West and Olga Kurylenko in Centurion trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I think it’s hard to watch the new trailer for CENTURION and not be reminded of KING ARTHUR.  Story-wise, they seem to be different enough, but the blue paint on Olga Kurylenko is too reminiscent of the blue paint Keira Knightley wore as Guinevere.  As opposed to retelling a popular legend, CENTURION tells the supposedly-true story of the ninth legion.  Interesting enough, THE EAGLE OF THE NINTH also tells a story about the ninth legion, supposedly many years after CENTURION.  So you should have your fill of ninth legion movies by the time 2010 is over.

CENTURION stars Michael Fassbender, Dominic West and Olga Kurylenko and is directed and written by Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT).  No US release date has been set yet.

Watch the trailer here.

Olga Kurylenko in Centurion

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