Michael Fassbender to take on MacBeth for director Justin Kurzel

Michael Fassbender

I think every talented actor has to do a Shakespeare movie at some point in their career as a sort of right of passage.  Given that Michael Fassbender is one of the more talented actors working today, it makes perfect sense that he’d tackle Shakespeare and so he’s looking to sign on to star in SNOWTOWN director Justin Kurzel’s take on MACBETH.

Although this version will be spoken in the original language and will take place in the 11th century (like the original play), Kurzel promises a more visceral telling and plenty of epic battle scenes.  Production is set to start this fall which means Kurzel’s planned adaptation of John Le Carre’s OUR KIND OF TRAITOR is presumably on hold.  That film had Ralph Fiennes and Mads Mikkelson attached to it, but as great as that team up sounds, it can’t compete with Michael Fassbender doing Shakespeare. Supposedly, negotiations are already underway with a “Hollywood leading lady”.  But with Michael Fassbender attached, I doubt they’ll have any problems getting other actors to come on board. (ScreenDaily)

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