Michael Fassbender will produce and star in an adaptation of the video game Assassin's Creed

Michael Fassbender

Of the many film genres that have made up Hollywood,  the one that has almost consistently produced mediocre to awful films is the video game adaptation genre. Sure some of them are watchable and fun (RESIDENT EVIL series and maybe the first TOMB RAIDER) but most of them are just laughable and shouldn’t have been made (SUPER MARIO BROTHERS or STREET FIGHTER). However, there is another adaptation on the horizon that may change the game (pun intended) and that’s because one of the hottest stars on the scene, Michael Fassbender, is both producing and starring in the film.

It’s been reported that Michael Fassbender has signed on to produce and star in a film based on the Ubisoft game ASSASSIN’S CREED. ASSASSIN’S CREED follows Desmond Miles (whom Michael Fassbender will most likely portray) who is a bartender that has been kidnapped by a large corporation and forced to use a machine which gives him the ability to relive memories of one his past ancestors. Each game (there have been three) sees Desmond inhabiting the lives of a different ancestor and there’s no word on which one will get to head to the big screen just yet. In fact, Michael Fassbender and company are still in search of a writer and director which means we won’t be seeing this for a couple of years still. Bummer, but that could also mean that this film has a shot of breaking the unlucky streak of video games turned movies that have been plaguing moviegoers for years.  We’ll of course keep you posted as more news comes forth.

Michael Fassbender was most recently seen in Ridley Scott’s film PROMETHEUS (check out our PROMETHEUS review) and will be starring alongside Brad Pitt in his next project TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE which hits theaters sometime next year. (Variety)

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