Michael Madsen and Vincent Gallo to star with Twilight’s Peter Facinelli in Loosies

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Before TWILIGHT, Peter Facinelli was known to me for two movies; CAN’T HARDLY WAIT and THE BIG KAHUNA.  He did well in both films, but now if you say his name, you better preface it by saying “Twilight’s” or else no one knows who you’re talking about.  But apparently, he can do more than act as he wrote the script to the upcoming dramedy LOOSIES about a New York City pickpocket.  Facinelli will star as a successful, carefree pickpocket living the good life in NYC until he’s confronted by an ex-flame that claims she’s pregnant with his child.  Michael Madsen and Vincent Gallo will also star in the film from director Michael Corrente.

If they focus more on the ins and outs of pickpocketing, this could be an interesting film.  My fear, however, is that it will focus more on the outlaw-going-good storyline, which we’ve seen too many times before.  But it will be nice to see Peter Facinelli in something other than TWILIGHT.

Peter Facinelli

Source: Variety

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