Michael Shannon rumored for a villain role in Superman

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

We have Superman (Henry Cavill), Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) and Ma Kent (Diane Lane).  So now we need a villain and a leading lady for Zack Snyder’s upcoming SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL.  Earlier today, we heard that Edgar Ramirez was up for the villain role and now we have word that Michael Shannon is also up for a villain role.  Of course, we don’t know if they’d play separate villains or if they’re going for the same part.  But anyone who is familiar with Michael Shannon’s work, knows that no matter how hard he tries, Michael can’t help but add a bit of creepiness to every character.  So he seems like a perfect fit for a comic villain.

My biggest issue with Superman in general is the lack of great villains.  Lex Luther is the most famous, but even he became a bit of a joke.  The rest of them are either too weird or would seem odd on film.  This is all the more reason we should be thankful that Christopher Nolan is on board as a producer.  If anyone can make the villains work, it’s him.

Michael Shannon

Source: Deadline

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