Michael Sheen, Brian Geraghty and Laura Ramsey line up next projects

Michael Sheen, Brian Geraghty and Laura Ramsey

A lot of casting news happening today so let’s just get to it. First up is Michael Sheen, most known for starring in THE QUEEN and most recently the TWILIGHT series, will star in Paul Weitz’s upcoming comedy ADMISSION. The film follows a college admissions counselor (played by Tina Fey) who is in a relationship with a boring British gentleman (Michael Sheen), but strikes up a romance with a former boyfriend who will be played by Paul Rudd. Shooting should start sometime next month with a probable 2013 release. Sounds somewhat promising, right? (THR)

Next up THE HURT LOCKER‘S Brian Geraghty will team up with director Walter Strafford in the film KILIMANJARO. The film follows a man who is bound and determined to climb the African mountain while healing from a break-up. The film will start shooting next month in New York but no word on when it will hit theaters. Aside from THE HURT LOCKER Brian Geraghty has also starred in ATM, TEN YEAR, WE ARE MARSHALL and I KNOW WHO KILLED ME. (THR)

Finally we have actress/model Laura Ramsey who will be joining Owen Wilson, Amy Poehler and Zach Galifianakis in the upcoming film YOU ARE HERE. The film will be directed by the creator of AMC’s Mad Men, Matthew Weiner and will follow two thirty-something roommates, one of which is a weatherman who is desperate to stay put in his bachelor ways. When his roommate’s father dies and leaves his son the family general store and millions of dollars worth of land, it sets a chain of events in motion that will change everything for the guys. Laura Ramsey will play a young widow who is the love interest of Wilson’s character in the film. Shooting for YOU ARE HERE will also start next month so stay tuned for more information. (Deadline)

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