Michelle Williams is an elegant Glinda in new photo from Oz: The Great and Powerful

Last week Comic-Con 2012 revealed the first trailer for the upcoming prequel to the classic WIZARD OF OZ, entitled OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, and right on its heels we’re getting a few more images. First we’re getting a beautiful shot of Michelle Williams (MY WEEK WITH MARILYN) who will portray Glinda, the good witch. Unfortunately that’s the best look we’re getting as the rest of the photos are of Oz which looks very CGI’d. Hopefully soon we’ll get some shots of James Franco (Oz) as well as Mila Kunis (Theodora) and maybe those flying monkeys we’ve all been hearing about.  After all, aside from Toto, they were one of the best things about the original film.

Directed by Sam Raimi, OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL stars: Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Abigail Spencer, Joey King and Zach Braff. It’s set to hit theaters next spring on March 8, 2013. Check out the images below. (/Film)

Michelle Willams in Oz the Great and Powerful

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