Michelle Williams joins James Franco and Mila Kunis in Oz The Great and Powerful

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Earlier this month we reported that Rachel Weisz had signed on to play one of the witches in the upcoming film from Sam Raimi called OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL along with Mila Kunis. We mentioned in this story that Weisz had replaced either Michelle Williams or Hilary Swank who were in the running but I was wrong, turns out there are three witches in this tale and I just got a little confused (sorry, it does happen). So here’s the deal, Mila Kunis will play a good witch who turns evil after a rocky love affair with Oz (James Franco), Rachel Weisz is portraying the evil older sister that brings Kunis to the dark side, and Michelle Williams will be Glinda the good witch. That clears everything up. Shooting is supposed to start sometime in July with a probable end of year release in 2012.

This is an interesting role for Michelle Williams to take since she seems to keep to the independent circuit, but I think she’s a great actress that could bring a lot of charm and depth to Glinda.

Michelle Williams

Source: Variety

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