Michigan woman files frivolous lawsuit against Ryan Gosling's Drive

by Brad Sturdivant

One of the films this year that has gotten enormous critical support is Nicolas Winding Refn’s DRIVE, and rightfully so.  There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how enjoyable the film is.  But like with many of the critically successful films, DRIVE couldn’t find an audience in theaters and so we’ll have to wait and see what happens come awards season and when it eventually hits Blu-ray.  But today, news came out that should have every movie fan up in arms, not only because of what it says about the intelligence of moviegoers, but for what it says about the intelligence (or lack of) of our entire society.

Ryan Gosling in Drive

A Michigan woman (I’m not going to print her name because she doesn’t deserve it) with apparently too much time on her hands, has filed a lawsuit against Film District for their promotion of the film DRIVE.  In her lawsuit, she claims that the trailers for the film sold it as similar to FAST AND FURIOUS and that the film bore very little similarity to a chase or race action film because the movie contained very little racing or action (I’ve included trailers for DRIVE and FAST FIVE below for you to make up your own mind).  Therefore, she’s hired a lawyer and decided to sue, not only for a refund of her movie ticket, but hopes to end all misleading trailers.  I’ve heard the complaint from people that “it didn’t have enough action” but are we at a point where any time there’s a movie about cars, we have to go Fast and Furious with it?  If that wasn’t enough, she’s gone on to say that the film promotes violence towards the Jewish community.  In the film, Ron Perlman’s character is Jewish and he happens to be the bad guy.

My first instinct in this situation is to go on a heated tirade against this woman and rattle off a series of expletives describing her and her place in society.  But that’s not going to drive any points home or make this lawsuit go away.  At the end of the day, it’s yet another disheartening reminder that people can sue for anything and there’s always a lawyer and court around to hear these cases.  But what about Detroit’s WDIV-TV?  Should we direct some of our anger towards them for taking the time to put this on the news and then actually take it seriously?  Quick side rant: who watches local news anymore?  The only time people watch local news is when one of their videos makes it viral and then it’s just to laugh at how embarrassing it is.  But I digress.

Obviously, this lawsuit is ridiculous and will hopefully be dismissed by the first judge to see it.  But we should pity this woman for her attention-hungry lawsuit and for clearly not being able to read movie reviews or understand what a trailer is trying to sell her.  What’s worse is that we can all come up with 20 examples of films that had a trailer sell the film as one thing and then delivery something completely different.  DRIVE is not one of them.  Maybe we could at least give her the benefit of the doubt if she had picked an instance that made sense.  And as far as the movie being anti-sematic?  No.  The bad guy happened to be Jewish.  Why not just claim the movie is racist against whites because the bad guys happened to be white?

So the next time you eat at a restaurant and your burger doesn’t taste juicy and delicious, sue the restaurant for a misleading commercial.  Or the next time you take a Five Hour Energy and it lasts 4.5 hours, go ahead and sue.  That’s apparently what we’ve come to.  As for me, I’ll stick to doing this little thing called “research”.  It’s a complicated idea, but basically, you “read” about something before you buy it.  I know, it’s crazy, but I didn’t invent it.  Apparently, it has been around for a while.

Source: WDIV-TV

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