Mickey Rourke and Til Schweiger join Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Courier.

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Mickey Rourke will add yet another film for an upcoming project as he has been cast in the action thriller THE COURIER. Also cast in the film is Til Schweiger, better known as Sgt Hugo Stiglitz in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. I found him to be quite charismatic as the brutal German-killer, so I’m glad he’s finding work. Both Rourke and Schweiger will join Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who will play a courier that has never missed a drop. He is hired to deliver a box to a notorious crime boss while being pursued by rival gangs and corrupt cops. Don’t mistake this for PREMIUM RUSH, which finds Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a similar premise.

I like Dean Morgan but am surprised that he continues to get leading man type work. I’m not sure he’s established himself as a reliable moneymaker. Hany Abu-Assad will direct from a script b Derek Haas and Michael Brandt.


Source: The Wrap

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