Mickey Rourke joins Freida Pinto and Henry Cavill in War of the Gods

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Between this and starring as Conan’s father in the upcoming Conan film, I’m afraid Mickey Rourke might be doing his best John Travolta impersonation.  He was big, then he fell off, then he had a huge comeback, now he’s doing (seemingly) bad movies again.  To be fair, this and the new Conan might be spectacular films, I just don’t have good feelings about them in these early stages.  Not many stars get multiple chances in Hollywood, so Rourke needs to be more careful about what roles he takes.  But he will be playing the villain in the upcoming film WAR OF THE GODS.  We just learned that Freida Pinto will be starring along with Henry Cavill.

Tarsem Singh will direct the film about a young warrior (Cavill) that leads some Greek Gods to defeat some evil Greek Gods in order to save the world.  Rourke will play King Hyperion.

Micky Rourke

Source: Variety

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