Mickey Rourke lining up two films with Tony Scott

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Director Tony Scott is looking to cast Mickey Rourke in his next two films- POTZDAMER PLATZ and HELL’S ANGELS. In the later, Rourke would be playing Sonny Barger, who formed the Oakland chapter of the rough and tough motorcycle gang and helped transform the Angels into a national organization. Scott and Fox 2000 has been working on this project for a while now and want to cast a younger actor as the law enforcement trying to infiltrate the organizations criminal activity. Shia LaBeouf has been a rumored candidate.

Rourke needs to slow down. He is everywhere lately. Friday, he will be in easily the biggest film of the summer in IRON MAN 2. Then he has THE EXPENDABLES, THE IMMORTALS and GENGHIS KAHN in talks. He definitely is no longer struggling for work…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the guy owes a lot of credit to how he is always so presentable for a good photo opt.

Mickey Rourke

Source: Deadline

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