Midnight Sun Blu-ray Review

Call me Kreskin!

Hand to God, just from looking at the Blu-ray cover – and having read a synopsis of the story – I predicted the final 10 minutes of MIDNIGHT SUN.  I wish I could do that well with the lottery.

Midnight Sun

The story:  Katie Price (Thorne) is a teenager with a problem.  She was born with a condition that keeps her indoors during the day.  It seems that direct sunlight hitting her body is fatal. Think of her as a pretty vampire.  Each day (she’s homeschooled) she watches as Charlie (Schwarzenegger) rides his skateboard past her house (what good luck for the film that apparently Charlie is the only high school senior in town who doesn’t drive to school.)  SIGH! Katie has one friend, Morgan (Quinn Shepard) and conveys her feelings to her. Having just “graduated” homeschool high school, Katie gets permission for her father (Riggle) to accompany Morgan to a graduation party. There she meets Charlie.  Sparks fly. Ain’t love grand?

Where to begin?  First off, let me say that Katie’s ailment, xeroderma pigmentosum, is a very real disease and it is not my intention to make fun of the illness or belittle those that have it.  We learn that Katie is also very musically inclined, having learned to play guitar at the knee of her late mother. We see flashbacks of the two of them – SITTING OUTSIDE IN THE SUN – and singing along with each other.  As Katie and Charlie begin to see more of each other, Charlie is puzzled why they can only get together after sundown. One evening, they fall asleep under the stars. When they wake up, Katie realizes the dawn is on its way and compels Charlie to drive her home as fast as possible.  Sadly, as she reaches her front porch, a small sliver of early morning sun hits her. And while Katie does not burst into flames, the effect is just as dramatic.

Midnight Sun

If you are still interested in seeing this movie you are a tougher person than I am.  The plot screams “Lifetime Channel meets Afternoon Special,” both in tone and pace. If there is a positive here it is the earnestness of the cast, who don’t seem to realize that they are in a horribly written film.  Both Thorne and Schwarzenegger are appealing and Riggle is excellent in a role you would not expect him to be cast in, It’s really only the third act (which I predicted with amazing precision) that drags this film down to its three out of ten rating.  I was amazed to learn that this is an original story, not one of the millions of Young Adult fiction books currently hitting the big-screen in what appears to be record numbers. That being said, I did learn that the film is based on the script written for a Vietnamese mini-series from a few years ago.  If there is a positive to be found in MIDNIGHT SUN it could be that HERCULES IN NEW YORK is no longer the worse film ever made starring a man named Schwarzenegger. And that is saying a lot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Video:  The film is presented in a 2:40.1 aspect and the transfer is clean.  As most of the film takes place either indoors or after dark, the colors are more subdued than expected.  

Audio:  The audio is in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and is clear.  Lots of talking, all well mixed. .

“Midnight Sun” – An Inside Look (2:21):  A quick and perfunctory look at the film.  



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