Mike Myers is working on turning Austin Powers into a broadway musical

Posted by:Zack Bruce

So whatever happened to AUSTIN POWERS 4? We haven’t heard much about it other than the fact that Mike Myers wants to do it and have Jay Roach come back to direct. Is anyone still interested? I guess since that hasn’t gone through then Myers has other plans for the international man of mystery.

Instead of starting work on another film, sources say that Myers wants to do a musical stage show about the adventures of Austin Powers. The actor would only write and oversee the project. There’s no word on what exactly the plot of the show would be about but then again it is very early in development.

AUSTIN POWERS 4 was already given the greenlight from New Line. Myers will write, produce, and star in the film but no further work has been done on the project. Without a script, there’s no telling on whether the film will release in 2013 or 2014. Either way, it ought to be interesting to see what story Myers comes up with for this installment and for the stage show.

Austin Powers

Source:NY Post

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