Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene and Demi Moore star in the LOL trailer

Miley Cyrus in LOL

Miley Cyrus has been laying low the past few months.  I feel like we’ve gone quite a while without news of her getting caught with an illegal substance or doing something naughty.  Well, now she’s back in the news, this time because her new film, LOL has its first trailer.  It’s an international trailer, and my experience with international trailers usually leads to them getting pulled by the studio.  So if you’re clamoring to see Cyrus’s next effort to prove to everyone she’s an adult, then you better watch it quick.

The trailer isn’t horrible, but personally I could use a little less Cyrus and a lot less music.  The film is actually a remake of the French film of the same name and stars Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene, Demi Moore, Thomas Jane and Adam Sevani.  Lisa Azuelos is directing the film that hits theaters later in 2012.

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