Miley Cyrus set to grow up in the thriller Wake

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Have you been keeping up with the Perez Hilton-Miley Cyrus up-skirt photo drama? Something feels funny about the whole situation and I can’t shake the feeling that the whole stunt was somehow planned. But anyway, the Disney princess is in the news for a much better reason today as she’s set to star in the supernatural thriller WAKE. The film is based off the novel by Lisa McMann and will be adapted by Christopher Landon.

The story is about a girl that gets sucked into other people’s dreams. It’s an annoying “gift”, but it takes a turn for the worse when she gets sucked into someone’s nightmare and realizes she’s more than just a witness to the dream. The movie will probably start off fun and cute, probably putting Miley in a series of standard dream scenarios. The question is whether or not they’ll be able to make the nightmare dream sequence work. I’m sure this will get a PG-13 rating, so Landon has his work cut out for him.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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