Mission: Impossible 1-5 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

The Mission: Impossible franchise doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, but Tom Cruise’s action series continues to entertain, 20 years after the original hit theaters.  The formula is pretty simple; mix things up with each film and get Tom Cruise to do crazy stunts.  It sounds simple, but it works.

Although Paramount didn’t technically release the Mission: Impossible films as a set, I’m reviewing them all together here because if you’re like me, you have to have the complete set, even if you know you’ll never sit through MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE II again.


If we look at the original Blu-ray releases for each film, the original Mission was easily the film that needed the biggest upgrade.  It’s clear Paramount felt the same way because MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE looks great on 4K.  Director Brian DePalma keeps things compact in this film with a lot of close-ups and tight shots.  The UHD adds a serious level of clarity and depth to these scenes, giving them a level of detail that I hadn’t seen since the theater.

Mission Impossible 2 4K Ultra HD


Believe it or not, there was a time when I loved the second Mission Impossible film.  But that was a long time ago and now the film is rough to get through.  Thankfully, the UHD makes things better, giving the film a nice upgrade.  This Blu-ray wasn’t as bad as the original’s, and so the upgrade isn’t quite as substantial, but it’s still noticeable.  The scene where Nyah injects herself is the best example of some of the upgrades as the scene is mostly dark except for a few flashes of light and Cruise’s face.  The UHD adds a lot of depth to the scene, making it look better than I’ve ever seen it.


While the first two films have some noticeable upgrades, the third film falls into that “subtle, but not drastic” category when it comes to 4K discs compared to their Blu-ray counterparts.  Close-ups and settings look slightly better and wide shots get a boost of clarity thanks to the HDR, but there’s nothing here that’s going to blow you away as far as improvements.

Audio: The first three films all feature an upgraded Dolby 5.1 TrueHD lossless track, which corrects the biggest mistake of the Blu-ray releases and finally gives us a lossless track.  I’m not sure why Paramount didn’t go the extra step and remix these with an Atmos track, but the audio for the first three films is definitely an upgrade.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol 4K Ultra HD


Easily the highlight of the Mission: Impossible 4K releases, Ghost Protocol is also the film that has the most “show-offy” moments.  The building scaling in Dubai was very impressive and the increase in detail and color clarity brings the audience into the stunt like never before.  The end chase scene and subsequent parking garage fight are also seem tailor made for 4K sets as the use of color on the night backgrounds really pops thanks to the HDR.  The Blu-ray was fine, but the UHD immerses the viewer in the action and the famous skyscraper scene is even more intense when you can see every little detail on the building and on Cruise’s face.

Audio: The fourth film has the same Dolby TrueHD audio from the Blu-ray.  It’s pretty great as-is, but I think everyone was hoping for an Atmos upgrade.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation 4K Ultra HD


If we’re doing a straight 4K to Blu-ray comparison, I might knock the fifth Mission down a little, only because the Blu-ray looked great and the 4K doesn’t do any drastic improvements.  But in terms of overall 4K quality, Rogue Nation looks great, even if I’d put the improvements in the standard 2K upscale variety.  The only scene that stood out to me in terms of improvements was the end motorcycle chase.  Settings and close-ups looked clearer and more detailed, which was a nice improvement compared to the Blu-ray.

Audio: Rogue Nation is the only film to feature a Dolby Atmos audio track and it’s just as impressive now as it was on the Blu-ray.

The 4K releases do not include any additional special features but each disc includes the previously released Blu-rays.


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