Mission: Impossible Fallout Movie Review

Why can’t all action stars do their own stunts?  I kid of course. But Tom Cruise stands alone as the most impressive action star with his ability to do stunts and act at the same time. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT is another amazing showcase of thrilling action, incredible stunts, and terrific fun.

As the sixth film in the Mission: Impossible franchise and true sequel piece to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION, FALLOUT brings back a few of Ethan Hunt’s (and our) favorite IMF team members (Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, and even Alec Baldwin).  After a hair-raising, mission gone wrong opening sequence, the stage is set – the team must track and recover three bowling ball looking nuclear weapons that could easily wipe out large portions of the population. Joining the fight in some way or another are some familiar faces (Rebecca Ferguson) and some new faces (Henry Cavill). Obviously, it’s a race against time with most of the mission never going quite as planned. This mission just got a whole lot more impossibler.  Cue music.

Tom Cruise in MIssion: Impossible Fallout

The Mission: Impossible franchise might tackle the ticking clock scenario better than any other.  What I mean by that is that it sets up a plot device that puts a time limit on the characters, creating constrained tension the team works to resolve the conflict. If done well, it can put the audience in a state of stress as they hold their breath through each passing moment, only to exhale in relief once the problem is solved.  I’m sure I did to some degree through all the films, but can think of specific incidences in both the first MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL where I actively was squirming in my seat.  MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT proves once again that this franchise is far from dead as it made this viewer very much aware that I am alive with my heart nearly beating out of my chest.

Tom Cruise in MIssion: Impossible Fallout

Director Christopher McQuarrie is able to keep continuous shots locked in on Cruise as he runs, jumps, leaps, fights, flies, and hangs on for dear life as he is surely inches from death (or at least a severe injuries at all times).  On top of clearly doing his own ill-advised stunts, Cruise is fully aware of the camera at all times.  He looks down and looks up catching each camera, to verify it is in fact him, while simultaneously concentrating on every difficult movement.  The visuals in FALLOUT are amazing and that is partly due to Cruise’s ability to be in every harrowing scene, allowing the filmmaker to not have to worry about tricking the viewer.

Tom Cruise in MIssion: Impossible Fallout

Regardless what you might think of Cruise’s personal beliefs, I still don’t think the A-lister gets enough credit as an actor and action star. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT is another fun success because of Cruise and the humorous way his character will throw himself into any situation hoping he will “figure it out later.” It also doesn’t hurt that the likable hero is a team player that always chooses to save a life over finishing a mission.

Despite the non-stop action, at two hours and twenty seven minutes, FALLOUT runs a touch long.  Likewise, there is an emotional beat or two that is drawn out more than necessary. However, the only place you might feel these moments are in the bladder as MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT is easily the best action movie of the year.


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