Monsters director Gareth Edwards is working on a project said to be like a robot Star Wars

Posted by:Zack Bruce

Director Gareth Edwards gave everyone a rather pleasant surprise with MONSTERS. Edwards brought back the human perspective rather than showing big flashing CGI monsters to garner cheap scares. He also did everything on a very small budget which showed that you can get the job done without spending all the financiers cash.

Recently Edwards was hired to direct another GODZILLA film. David Goyer (BATMAN BEGINS) will be the script writer in charge of bringing something new to that table. Another film in the works is a little more top secret, Edwards has been working with Timur Bekmambetov on a sci-fi project which has been scarce on the details until today. The untitled project is, “a young human child (probably around 5 years old) and a robot who travel across the galaxy in search of mankind’s origin in a world void of humanity and filled with robots. Sounds pretty awesome right? Gareth is pitching this project as “a robot Star Wars.”

Here’s what Edwards told The Playlist:

“It’s a science fiction film, it’s way more ambitious than “Monsters.” It will require all my resources. The trick is to take the positive elements of having more money and the positive elements of having no money, and try to combine the two. The tagline is very vague, it’s an epic human story set in a futuristic world without humanity. So, go figure. If you figure it out, tell me, because I’m not sure yet.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna write it and direct it and it’s an idea I’ve wanted to do for a long time, before “Monsters.” We need more money to do it. I’m hoping now we can get it off the ground, and we’ll see what happens. And maybe I can come back and present it to everyone at Comic Con.”

Gareth Edwards

Source: /Film, The Playlist

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