More photos of Michelle Williams portraying Marilyn Monroe

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

BBC Films is making a film entitled MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, which will star Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.  The movie will follow a relationship that Ms. Monroe had with Colin Clark, a regular guy who worked on the set of her film THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL.  Although BBC Films is making the movie, it will be picked up by the Weinsten Company for an eventual theatrical release stateside. MY WEEK WITH MARILYN will also star: Emma Watson (in her first role post-HARRY POTTER), Judi Dench, Julia Ormond, Dougray Scott, Derek Jacobi, Kenneth Branagh and Dominic Cooper.

I think Michelle Williams will make an excellent Marilyn Monroe as her acting has come a long ways since her Dawson Creek days. Plus look at these pictures-the resemblance is pretty uncanny.  You can see Michelle Williams in the upcoming film BLUE VALENTINE, where she is in the running for an Oscar nomination.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

Source: Daily Mail

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