More on set photos of Amy Adams as Lois Lane for Man of Steel

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Are people really affected by the fact that Amy Adams will keep her red locks for the role of Lois Lane in MAN OF STEEL? I really don’t think it matters personally. The comics show Lane traditionally as a brunette but over time her hair has been lighter tones. As long as she embodies the character it shouldn’t matter what color her hair is.

Adams is a great actress and I think that she will bring something special to the role. We’ve gotten a ton of set photos from the set. I’ve actually been surprised that there are been so many set photos shown from these comic adaptations especially this one and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Last week we got some photos of Adams and Henry Cavill on set in Cordova, Alaska. It seems that they are still doing some filming there as more photos have surfaced. These are just of Amy as Lane. I like her facial expression in the first photo. Looks like she’s got the Lane attitude down.

Man of Steel set

Man of Steel set

Man of Steel set

Man of Steel set

Source: Facebook

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