More promo art comes in revealing Loki and The Avengers

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Marvel recently released some promo art for a comic-tie in to THE AVENGERS. Now it looks like more leaked promo art is coming in. Not that it’s a big reveal; we already know what they costumed heroes look like. It’s just cool to see more of them.

We don’t have much on the film currently. A teaser trailer debuted after CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER only serving to excite fans rather than give them the full picture on the story. The Avengers have assembled but why are they tearing up the streets of New York? Will there be a big battle there? There’s been several on set photos taken in Manhattan featuring Captain America, Thor and Loki. I’m guessing those photos have something to do with the Hulk turning on The Avengers. He could easily make a big mess of the city.

There’s also the first promo piece of Loki with a sinister smile holding his staff with the cosmic cube mounted on it. I can’t wait to see how much trouble he gives The Avengers.

Avengers promo art

Loki promo art

Source: Coming Soon, SpiderMedia.RU

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