More set photos from The Dark Knight Rises show Gary Oldman and the Batpod

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Recently the entire costume reveal of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman hit the internet. It was nice to see that she had some sort of cat ears on that thing. I still don’t completely get the whole concept of the goggles. She looks more like an international high tech spy. No point in judging though, Christopher Nolan always has some sort of magic under his sleeve.

Well, there’s no big reveal in these new set photos for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. There’s a couple of black and white photos of Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and what might be Christian Bale as Batman on the Batpod. It might also very well be a stunt guy but it’s awesome to see the badpod again. There’s going to be some epic action scenes and chases involved in this film.

I’m still wondering why Gordon ends up in the hospital as indicated in the teaser. Bane is supposed to break Batman’s back but maybe Gordon gets involved somehow getting himself hurt. We’ll find out soon enough.

The Dark Knight Rises set

The Dark Knight Rises set

The Dark Knight Rises set

Source: CBM

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