Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson Might Be Dirty Old Men

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Morgan Freeman will be playing an aging playboy who’s best friend finally meets the woman of his dreams in an as-yet untitled comedy (it was formerly called “Dirty Old Men”). Freeman’s character attempts to do everything he can to stop the marriage.  Peter Segal (ANGER MANAGEMENT) is tentatively attached to direct.  The Hollywood Reporter goes on to report that the studio would like to have Jack Nicholson play the best friend, although he is not yet attached to the film.  Freeman and Nicholson last appeared in THE BUCKET LIST.

Personally, I like Freeman in dramas more than I like him in comedies and any time you have a comedy revolve around old men, it usually takes a sad turn at some point.  But at least the premise sounds humorous enough.

Nicholson freeman

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