Movie 43 Blu-ray Review

Halle Berry has CATWOMAN. Kate Bosworth has LIFE HAPPENS. Gerard Butler has PLAYING FOR KEEPS. Josh Duhamel has SAFE HAVEN. Anna Faris has YOGI BEAR. Richard Gere has NIGHTS IN RODANTHE. Terrence Howard has PRIDE. Hugh Jackman has X-MEN ORIGINS. Johnny Knoxville has too much for this review’s word count. Seann William Scott has everything where he placed Stifler. Naomi Watts has DREAM HOUSE. Kate Winslet has ALL THE KING’S MEN.

Movie 43

And yet MOVIE 43 is the worst piece of trash any of them has taken a paycheck for. The movie, a collection of shorts framed by a disastrous Hollywood pitch, strives so hard to be the grossest, most offensive movie since the medium came into existence.

A sampling of the “humor”: a man’s testicles hang from his chin and disrupt a blind date; parents homeschool their child into irreparable emotional/psychological damage; a couple makes up in the street while covered in feces; Batman tricks Robin into kissing the Riddler; a tech company considers iBabe, a naked woman that doubles as an MP3 player/penis mangler; a teen gets her first period, which sends her boyfriend and his family into panic; a shark devours a sexy beachgoer; two roommates capture a leprechaun for his gold; a first date turns into an inappropriate game of truth or dare; a basketball coach convinces his all-black team they’ll beat their all-white opponents. There is tea bagging and incest and farts and blowjob fairies and turkey basters and Snookie and on and on.

Justin Long and Jason Sudeikis in Movie 43

This experiment first came about more than a decade ago, when producer Charles B. Wessler (the genius behind IT’S PAT and BUSHWHACKED) brought the Farrellys, the Zuckers and Trey Parker/Matt Stone onboard for “a KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE for the modern age.” Most dropped out and nearly every studio rejected the idea. Somehow and someway, the project got greenlit by Relativity Media. Despite the enormous cast, a number of stars knew better, including George Clooney and Colin Farrell, who decided not to be a part of this.

Movie 43

Many directors, however, did not: Peter Farrelly (Bobby evidently also knew better), Steven Brill (WITHOUT A PADDLE), Will Graham (THE ONION NEWS NETWORK), Steve Carr (PAUL BLART: MALL COP),  Griffin Dunne (THE ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND), Brett Ratner (all three RUSH HOURs), Rusty Cundieff (CHAPPELLE’S SHOW), James Gunn (SUPER), and Bob Odenkirk (MR. SHOW).

Movie 43

MOVIE 43 exists solely to take vulgarity to a new level. In that, maybe it succeeds like no other and maybe it’s the quintessential gross-out movie. It’s certainly the vilest “comedy” I’ve reviewed. The one high point is that it gives some (myself included) the opportunity to ask a Halle Berry fan, “Did you see the one where she shoves hot sauce up her vagina?”


Video: 1.78:1 in 1080p with MPEG-4 AVC codec. Unfortunately, the entire video isn’t a blackout and instead gives viewers a clear view of testicles, feces and fake Halle Berry breasts.

Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. Subtitles in English and Spanish. The audio transfer is also without any detectable disturbances, presenting clean dialogue throughout.

Movie 43

Included are both the Theatrical Version and the Alternate Cut of MOVIE 43.

Find Our Daughter (4:45): This deleted scene finds Julianne Moore and Tony Shaloub looking for their missing daughter.

Theatrical Trailer

Also included are a DVD and Digital Copy.


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