$5 A Day (Blu-ray)

After being fired from his job and dumped by his girlfriend Flynn (against his better judgement) decides to respond to his deadbeat con-artist father who claims to be dying.  Tension is high as the two begin a cross country trek to Mexico where Nat says they have an experimental cure he’s willing to sign up for but once a con-man always a con-man and Flynn knows it surely won’t be that simple.

Christopher Walken in $5 A Day

I thought it oddly curious that there was a sticker on the front of this Blu-ray that read “Sweet’N Low coupon inside” (Sweet’N Low being another kind of Sugar Twin if you didn’t know) but laughed out loud when I saw that Flynn and Nat’s cross country vehicle was a pink Sweet’N Low car.  Despite the issues between father and son, the Sweet’N Low gag pretty much sets the overall tone of this film, which for me was a delightful hoot from start to finish.

Amanda Peet in $5 A Day

The defining factor here in my eyes is Christopher Walken and rest assured the man’s still got it.  He brings a one of a kind energy to each and every character he plays making them empathetic, eccentric, lovable and above all else unforgettable (I’m still moved by his and Dennis Hopper’s back and forth in TRUE ROMANCE and also still believe you can’t get much more for your money than SUICIDE KINGS).  Walken is the perfect swindler with an eye for scams like you wouldn’t believe.  And don’t get me wrong as much as he doesn’t want to do it anymore, Flynn (a grown up Pollux Troy) is the perfect wing man to have in his corner.  I’ve always had a soft spot for workplace scams but these guys take the cake.

Christopher Walken in $5 A Day

As much as I enjoyed this film I will admit that the whole “dying of cancer” bit is getting used up.  I’m not trying to be insensitive, quite the opposite in fact, my dad just got done battling prostate cancer and won so I guess maybe that’s why I cringed a bit at the mention of it.  That aside, I’m all for rekindling the father son bond and it was rather touching to see these two doing just that.  The girlfriend aspect of the film was weak (on that note, what happened to Amanda Peet’s career anyway?) but it did help deliver a happier ending so I’ll let it slide.  Also, props to Sharon Stone, she didn’t have the meatiest role here but she still looks really good !

$5 DOLLARS A DAY was a refreshing treat of a film.  I would never have picked this up, much less even noticed it at the movie store but I’m always happy when I go into a film with zero expectations and come out surprised and happy to have seen it (case in point, check out THE JONESES which was also a solid “out of nowhere” flick).  This film does feel a little sombre in the opening moments but rest assured there’s a ton of laughs and feel good moments making this one worth checking out.


Video: 1.85:1 Widescreen in 1080p HD with AVC codec.  I loved the ride to Mexico, the landscapes looked great and so did Sharon Stone in a bikini.

Audio: 5.1 DTS-HD in English, French and Spanish with the same subtitle options.  The dialogue was as sharp as the witty story line, making it pleasant on the ears.

Interviews (35:09): The most alarming part about this is that they interview everyone but Christopher Walken.  I mean hell, Dean Cain’s in the flick for like five minutes and he got an interview so I’d like to know who dropped the ball on this one.

Still Gallery: Here we got a collection of stills from the film as well as a few of the cast and crew.  There’s also a theatrical trailer for the feature.


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